Goji Cream INDIA

goji cream

  • up to 95% mm
  • up to 84%
    better skin

  • up to 73%
    elastic skin

Patented specially for Hendel company composition 
of Goji Cream is completely natural.

Goji Cream contains up to 7 times more vitamins and minerals than its analogues.
Innovative formula for fight against problems of withered skin is enriched with niacin and
beta carotene which fight signs of skin ageing. The cream does not cause carotene
yellowing, skin receives all essential nutrients, preserving its natural color.

Goji Cream contains a vitamin and mineral complex which takes care of all the changes associated with skin ageing. Vitamin A smoothes out wrinkles, vitamin C provides a healthy complexion, Vitamin K removes
age-related pigmentation, while niacin normalizes blood circlulation and cleanses skin from toxins. Your skin remains fresh for many years to come!

Goji Cream protects skin from photoageing and environmental factors, Smoothes wrinkles and lifts up the shape of your face, Makes skin smooth and elastic

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goji cream