How on easy and healthy way to help the body to lose excess weight

These few tips which we will share with you in the hereafter will be the key to success in your weight loss. Diet plan, which has nothing to do with diet, lose weight with which a large number of men and women will love more than anything.

The plan is good and successful, so that we can guarantee weight loss if it is to comply.

Why is it wrong starvation?

The first mistake we make when we want to lose weight is starvation. When we want to lose weight, our goal is to speed up metabolism. What happens when you starve? I’ll explain this in a simple way. Our body is programmed in a way that will rescue us from certain death. When you are hungry, your body receives a signal that it lacks energy, food for normal operation, so that the metabolism slows down to conserve fat. What else is going on? Next time when food is consumed, the body tries to exploit anything, but saved the food as fat because they do not know when the next time you get new energy. You’ve heard many times when someone says, “… and apple is on me like glue … ‘, more hunger, metabolism will be slower and you will be thicker. Starvation is wrong!

What happens when you stop fasting?

The processes in the body are synchronized with one day. At any hour of the day, our body takes place a certain process. So three times a day in the body there is a need for food intake – energy.

What happens to metabolism when food intake at the correct time when the body needs it? What is important for weight loss problem, is to accelerate metabolism. When the body gets breakfast, can start working. When you get lunch, do not send a signal to the brain that stores energy in the form of fat, rather than speeding up and trying to take advantage of the energy that you have entered the body. The same happens when received and dinner. If you learn that your body does not have to do with fear of starvation, you allow him to all entered the food consumed instead of the store, which will eventually result in speeding up the metabolism and weight loss.

From the above it can be concluded that the first step towards a safe slimming taking three meals a day.

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The process of acceleration can speed up metabolism by drinking certain preparations on natural basis, which does not damage your health. In the market you can find various teas, powders … We do not recommend taking any products which are not natural, because with them you can harm your health, and it is no one’s destination. We do not recommend not drinking any meal preparation rather than half an hour before or after breakfast and lunch if necessary.

What is the proper time of breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Breakfast, although many of the most hated meal, which is most often neglected is the most important meal for the day. When you have this meal during the day or do not feel hunger, or other meals are eaten in small quantities. Our readers are written, as on this diet were not even hungry for lunch and dinner, so these meals consumed only as required under the rules.

It is wrong to drink coffee before breakfast. Coffee drink half an hour after breakfast. Also the water. Many times you can read how it is healthy to drink water during the meal, however, makes it difficult digestion. The rule that you should observe if you want to lose some weight is the coffee and water for half an hour after breakfast.

Breakfast is eaten between 8:00 and 10:00. Coffee is considered a meal, so and it should end in this period.

For breakfast we need carbohydrates, fats, proteins … so for breakfast consumed “everything”. Fried eggs and bacon on the lard with a bit of black bread or other (other than white), with a salad, although greasy sounds perfect choice for breakfast. Feel free to edit as much as you need, and you will not feel hungry often do not handle. If you feel hungry before lunch, it’s a sign that you have not eaten breakfast. A hunger, as mentioned, is not good for weight loss.

The following is the rule, meals are taken at 5 to 6 hours. Between meals can not eat anything.


If you’ve had enough to eat for breakfast, for lunch you will not be hungry, or you will only start to feel hungry. Lunch is eaten between 13:00 and 15:00 hours. For lunch, but do not consume fat. Lunch is an ideal food to cook, bake or prepare the grill. If the food is fried, the best choice is grapeseed oil. For lunch should eat red meat with vegetables and salad. Sausages, veal, pork, leg … with some vegetables is a great choice for lunch. As for breakfast, coffee and water for half an hour after lunch. Water is not recommended half an hour before any meal.


If you’ve had enough to eat for breakfast and then for lunch, dinner, you will not be able to. But do not skip it. Give your body what it needs and in those hours. Dinner is eaten between 19:00 and 21:00. For dinner and lunch, recommended cooking, baking, barbecue … This meal is consumed white meat, white and green vegetables.

After dinner, wait for two hours before you go to sleep.

Snack in the period of weight loss is not recommended, as well as the consumption of fruits, legumes, dairy products and potatoes. When the desired weight is reached, when the balance metabolism, accelerate the establishment and proper functioning, the diet is introduced fruit snacks, dairy products and eating potatoes and legumes.

This is the diet that should be adopted by every person who wants to reduce their weight and keep it. Food is diverse, healthy, not exhausted, and deprives us of bad habits.




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